Ready, Steady, Go Back To School!

Ready, Steady, Go Back To School!
In the blink of an eye, we’re fast approaching a brand new year. For some, it’s a time of bonuses. For others, it’s a time to spend with family and friends. But, for the school-going children, that means only one thing: it’s high time to prep up for the journey back to school. Of course, MPH Bookstores is here to help [...]

Cooking Up A Storm with Young Chefs A...

The school holidays are here! We know for a fact that most of the kids will be enjoying themselves just lazing around at home in their pajamas. But why not channel some of that energy into coming up with something much more productive and fun? That’s why we’re launching the MRC Junior School Holiday Programme just for you! We̵ [...]

Get Knocked Out with the Black Friday...

Get Knocked Out with the Black Friday Blackout
Black Friday is that time of the year when everyone lets their hair down and goes all out to get the best sales and discounts. Likewise, we would like to share in this Black Friday madness with a sale of our very own, the Black Friday Blackout Sale! Like the name suggests, we’re determined to knock you out with our unbeatable deals. Enj [...]

It’s a Fiesta with MPH Mutiara ...

It’s a Fiesta with MPH Mutiara Minda Sale!
It’s bound to be a whole lot of fun this weekend at the Fiesta MPH Mutiara Minda! With exciting discounts, and exclusive deals awaiting you, this is a fiesta you will not want to miss. Enjoy 10% off when you purchase any Mutiara Minda Malay titles, or 15% off any  purchase of 2 Mutiara Minda titles. There will also be up to 30% off sele [...]

Lang Leav is Coming to MPH!

Lang Leav is Coming to MPH!
The choice was once your choosing, before losing became my loss. I was there in your forgetting- until I was forgot. - Lang Leav (Forget Me Not) Hauntingly beautiful, the words from Forget Me Not, a poem by contemporary author and artist Lang Leav echo deep within the soul. It’s no surprise. Lang Leav’s work has been describ [...]

MPH Year End Specials 2014

MPH Year End Specials 2014
The MPH Year End Specials are back! This year, you can expect some pretty big specials, promotions and discounts happening in MPH as we usher out 2014 in style. There’s a reason why it’s called Y.E.S! *smile* Christmas is here. It’s that time of the year when the spirit of giving is in the air, so you can do your part by tak [...]

Share The Love for Mother Nature

Share The Love for Mother Nature
The Native Americans have a proverb: We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. At MPH, we wholeheartedly believe in environmental conservation, as well as to spread the importance of maintaining our environment for future generations. This eco-friendly themed calendar is one of the ways we are using as we [...]

MPH Gurney Plaza Renovation Clearance

MPH Gurney Plaza Renovation Clearance
If you’ve been to our MPH outlet in Gurney Plaza recently, you would have seen plenty of partition works and some minor renovation going on. Yes, it’s true. MPH Gurney Plaza is currently undergoing a bit of upgrading work to better serve you in your future visits to the outlet.  But in the meantime, we have a ton of books just si [...]

PISF’14 “My School”...

PISF’14 “My School” Spelling & Coloring Contest
In conjunction with the Private and International School Fair 2014, held at Mid Valley Exhibition Center on the 8th & 9th November, there will be a contest which will allow the kids to unleash their creativity and stretch their imagination. The theme for this year’s PSIF Creative Kids contest is ‘My School’ where participants have [...]

Be Malaysia’s Next Top Novelist...

Be Malaysia’s Next Top Novelist w. Mutiara Minda
Your creativity is like a flowing river; it cannot be contained, it cannot be stopped. So why don’t you channel that creative energy into becoming the top novelist in Malaysia? It’s not as difficult as you would believe it to be. MPH and Mutiara Minda is bringing back the popular Top Novelis competition, to find the upcoming top B [...]


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