Anatomy Of A Book


Who would’ve thought that a book contains many different parts! Here’s a breakdown of those parts:

Board or cover – the front and back of the book.

Joint – a small groove where the book boards are attached to the book and bends when the book is opened.

Spine – considered the book’s backbone, the spine usually displays the title, author and publisher of the book.

Head – the top part of the spine.

Tail – the bottom part of the spine.

Pastedown & free-end paper – this is usually made up of one piece of paper that joins the book block to the cover. Sometimes the pastedown and free-end paper is made up two separate sheets joined together.

Hinge – the part that bends when the book is opened.

Fore edge – this is the trimmed edge of the opposite of the spine and can sometimes be painted or gilded on higher end books.

Headband – colored cloth band designed to protect the book spine.

Text block – also sometimes referred to as book block, this is the inside pages that make up the book.

Dust Jacket / Dust Wrapper (not shown in diagram) – commonly called the jacket, it is a protective paper or plastic wrapper that wrap around the covers of the book for protection.


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