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More about MPH:

The origins of MPH go back to 1815 when William Milne, a young missionary, set up a printing press in Malacca. In 1890, the press was relocated to Singapore and a new publishing house, the American Mission Press, was set up with the assistance of Captain W.G. Shellabear, to print Christian literature and, later to reprinting of old Malay classics.

In 1906, it was renamed the Methodist Publishing House from which the acronym MPH was derived.

The company also made history by having survived two world wars and witnessing the independence of both Malaysia and Singapore from the British in 1957 and 1965.

After a succession of owners between 1966 and 2002, MPH Bookstores (Malaysia and Singapore), MPH Distributors (Malaysia and Singapore) and MPH Library Services (Singapore) were bought over by Malaysian businessman Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary and MPH became part of his large conglomerate. For the first time, MPH became a wholly Malaysian-owned company. More business activities were added to the group, including the re-establishment of its printing, publishing and magazine arms.

Today, the MPH Group of Companies comprises of four main arms:

MPH Bookstores Malaysia and Singapore
MPH Distributors Malaysia and Singapore
MPH Group Printing
MPH Group Publishing.


  1. Khiew Ke Yin's Gravatar Khiew Ke Yin
    May 11, 2016    

    The service at Taman Maluri outlet is very poor. First of all , it has no stock for the promotion touch n go and notebook for the baucar buku 1 Malaysia when I use the baucar on 23/4/2016. Second of all , the worker there said will notify me when there’s stock .After a week(29/4/2016), I called and the worker and the worker said that it was still out of stock and will notify me when there’s stock.After waiting for 3 WEEKS, I didn’t get anything phone call to notify me to get the baucer. Today(11/5/2016) , I called the outlet and they said there are available and didn’t even notify me. I was very disappointed of the service and it was very rude if you didn’t keep your promise. They told me that they will notify me but I didn’t receive any notification and me, myself need to recall twice to check whether if there any stock. Please improve on this. Thank you.

  2. Alan Lew's Gravatar Alan Lew
    May 12, 2016    

    Dear Khiew Ke Yin, thanks for your feedback and our sincerest apology for the unpleasant shopping experience that you have gone through at MPH Bookstores. We will reflect this issue immediately to our outlet at Taman Maluri for service improvement. Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused.

  3. Mei Rong's Gravatar Mei Rong
    May 27, 2016    

    The service at Taman Maluri Aeon outlet is very poor!
    I am so disappointed and i believe this branch is having a unprofessional management and leader. The staff is very terrible , no manners/rude and just simply just want to check my beg and said we are stealing their pen that just cost RM 6.90 .The most disappointed me is when i walk out from the shop and stand in front of the shop more than one minute but no one stop me. Their only stop me after i walk to Aeon CD department and ask me go back to their shop and let them check my beg. End up, inside my beg is just my personal belongings. The malay girls who checking my beg never investigate carefully and clearly before take action !! They should not simply checking customer beg just because of someone staff saying this customer “like” taking something then put inside to beg. I think their management is unprofessional and really make customer feeling disrespectful and uncomfortable. Never respect customer is really TERRIBLE services. Please improve on this matter !

  4. Alan Lew (MPH)'s Gravatar Alan Lew (MPH)
    May 27, 2016    

    Dear Mei Rong, thank you for your feedback and our sincerest apology for the unpleasant shopping experience that you have gone through at MPH Bookstores. We have reflected this issue to the outlet at Taman Maluri and sorry again for any inconveniences caused.

  5. David Rivington's Gravatar David Rivington
    August 17, 2016    

    Dear Sir,

    How can I contact you via email?

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    David Rivington

  6. Alan Lew (MPH)'s Gravatar Alan Lew (MPH)
    August 23, 2016    

    Dear David, you may contact us at marketing@mph.com.my (for promotion related enquiries) or mrc@mph.com.my (for membership related enquiries).

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