Wow Read This

What is it?

Hello there fellow book-lover!

As book addicts, we all know this. There are just so many great books out there…and sometimes it’s so hard to pick the ones you want. Don’t you wish someone can just give you a neat list?

So “Wow Read This” is a way to share our favourites with you, complete with expert reviews!

From tantalizing fiction to inspiring self-help, children tales to grown-up thrillers…we’ve got you covered.

How does it work?

  1. Each month, our professional team of book buyers will review selected local and international titles
  2. We’ll share reviews of our best picks across all categories here under the “Wow Read This!” category
  3. Titles featured in the month’s review will be marked with a “Wow Read This!” sticker
  4. Readers can scan the QR Code on the sticker to check out more “Wow Read This!” reviews
  5. Enjoy the reviews and happy browsing in MPH Bookstores!


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